Install a bathroom with a budget! [2022]

If you're thinking about getting a new bathroom, don't let a limited budget deter you. Here we at  DC Heating & Plumbing have outlined how to plan your dream bathroom while staying under budget! Continue reading to learn how to install a bathroom on a budget.

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So, how do you design a bathroom while staying within budget?

The size of your bathroom 

Being realistic about the size of your bathroom is critical; the larger the bathroom, the more expensive it will be. Unless you are in the planning phase of a new build you're likely refurbishing your bathroom so the size of your bathroom may be very difficult to change but ensure that you take the size of your bathroom into account when planning a budget.

Keep it simple! 

Using a simple design and simple materials can not only help keep your new bathroom project more affordable but will also make installation easier. 

Stick to your plan

It's tempting to get carried away with getting modifications for your new bathroom, but some upgrades come with additional expenditures. DC Heating & Plumbing recommends that you keep to your strategy by meticulously planning your new design, right down to where the lighting will be located.

Reuse Materials 

Reusing existing materials, such as tiling, or upcycling bathroom items, can be a simple way to keep expenses low. For example, putting your existing cabinetry in your new bathroom could look fantastic after a fresh coat of paint. 

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