Benefits of installing a Gas Boiler

There are many different types of boiler to choose from, these include oil, LPG and gas. Oil and LPG boilers are commonly used in areas which are off the main gas grid and gas boilers are commonly used in larger towns and cities. If you are thinking of getting a gas boiler installed, there are a lot of advantages that come along with it. Carry on reading through our blog or speak to our professional heating engineer today by calling us on 07725 520980.

Energy and Cost Efficient 

When compared to oil and electric, gas boiler are known to consume less energy, helping you save money on your energy bills. So if you are looking for way to help reduce your monthly heating bills, installing a gas boiler is worth considering.

Saves Space

The greatest advantage of gas boiler is that they do not come along with additional storage tanks and you don't have to worry about getting fuel delivered to heat up your home. Gas is imported to your home through the gas lines, making it easy to heat your home everyday without taking up extra space. 

Help the Environment 

Because gas boilers are known to burn the cleanest fuel and release the least amount of pollution, you can help reduce your carbon footprint by installing a gas boiler in your home if you do not have one already. 

They further help the environment because they are fully compatible with solar technology, such as air source heat pumps and solar panels. If you would like to discuss your heating options with our Gas Safe registered engineers, get in touch with us by viewing our contact details down below. 

Compatible with Smart Technology 

Smart thermostats have gained popularity over the years, not only do they give you full control over the heating in your home, you can also control your heating wherever you are. You will be glad to know that most gas boilers are fully compatible with smart thermostat! 

Speak to a heating engineer

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